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Jing1 #1 Accepted Empty Jing1 #1 Accepted

Post by TheJing1 on Sun May 17, 2015 2:10 am

1. Your PB2 login?: Jing1

2. Your location?: California

3. Your nickname?: Jing1 lol

4. Are you in a clan right now?: Well im planning on starting one if I get rejected

5. what are your past clan(s)?: Allied assassins i just left because they were too controlling

6. Do you follow our NO-Multiclanning rule?: Yes I will

7. What can you offer in [+Asher+] clan?: I can give a lot of respect and I could bring people in this clan.  Also when i get a new computer I will make videos

8. Kills? 302

8b. Deaths?: 282

8c. KDR?: Overall k/d Ratio: 1.07  
Latest k/d Ratio: 0.82 xP

9. KDR Rank?: Advanced marine

10. How long have you been playing PB2?: I dont know but im sure its more than 6 months

11. Who recruited you?:No one :/

12. Why do you want to join Asher?: I want to join Asher because this clan is blossoming and I want to help it blossom.  When I am in this clan i will dedicate as much as I can.  This clan is blooming its breaking out of its shell.  All of these wonderful members are really mature and I see me in this clan helping the members and the leaders.

13. Which members in Asher that you know and know you?: Star Girl Cutie Girl and Rainbow_Road

14. Age?: I'm sorry but I will not tell that for security purposes

15. What server you usually play in?: USA, California

16. What is your average ping in that server?: 100-150 occasionally 170-200

17. Extra comments/Topics?: I see that there is a leader spot, I was wondering if i am fit for that spot Very Happy

18. Are you applying to be a trial member? or a member?: Member if I can


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Jing1 #1 Accepted Empty Re: Jing1 #1 Accepted

Post by kneelfrox on Sun May 17, 2015 10:54 am

Accepted, nice app bounce keep up the goodwork, and yes you can be our third leader if you train hard and respect many of my members.

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