Senor Ciaran #1 Denied

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Senor Ciaran #1 Denied

Post by Senor Ciaran on Tue May 19, 2015 6:18 am

1. PB2 login?: Mr Ciaran

2. Kills?: 420

3. Deaths?: 96

4. Your past clan?: I "join" every clan

5. Your current clan?: A lot

6. Why do you want to be a spy?: Bcuz i c@nz0rz rekzez teh n0ob skrublords wit m
ai shreking cl0ke, m8
7. Are you sure that you are going to be loyal to [+Asher+] Clan?: Yeah

8. Your age?: 7*2

9. Your gender?: XY Chromosomes

10. Have you experienced about spying?: A tad...

Senor Ciaran

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Re: Senor Ciaran #1 Denied

Post by kneelfrox on Tue May 19, 2015 6:28 am

Denied, you answered a wrong topic.The topic that you answered is to be a spy,and if you want to be a spy.You need to apply in our website.But before that you need to be our member first.

Denied,Feel free to re-apply after 4 days ''May.23,2015''

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